Background & Education

Ruby Vargas has over five years of experience in health promotion and health education, Ms. Vargas's professional experience includes nutrition, prevention detection of chronic diseases, and health coverage outreach, education, enrollment.

"Working for Community Health Partnership has definitely expanded my knowledge on the Affordable Care Act and has given me the opportunity to pass that knowledge to the community members I work with. I take great pride in assisting individuals and families with technical, educational, and office support while enrolling them into health coverage. Through organizational and educational partnerships, my professional experience has allowed me to conduct outreach to recruit prospective clients, as well as promote healthcare to individuals and families who lack access to adequate health coverage. This experience demonstrated to me that coordinating and administrating operations of the Health Coverage Initiate activities is the career path I want to take. As a Collaborative Health and Human Services major working for CHP, I realized that I would like to continue working for an organization that promotes public policies in order to improve the health and services of individuals."


BA in Collaborative Health and Human Services with concentration in Community Health from California State University Monterey Bay

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