Background & Experience

Danielle Malone is an experienced Project Manager, whose diverse career in social service and in health spans over 16 years, including working in a hospital, home health services, and a community health center. In her current role, she oversees the quality improvement programs as well as plans and facilitates continuous improvement projects, which include CHP Health Improvement Committee (CHIC), Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday (PHASE), practice facilitation, and CHP’s Learning Collaborative. She has 6 years of training, and 5 years of practice facilitation experience that she is utilizing to support CHP’s members to deliver high quality health care. She strongly believes in a holistic, patient-centric approach to care, and is motivated to support community health centers (CHCs) achieve high performing primary care practice transformation by addressing social determinants of health and strengthening the medical neighborhood.

Like most people, Mrs. Malone, arrived in the health care field because she wants to help others. She believes everyone in this field has the power to influence someone’s experience, whether positive or negative. She feels communication (verbal and non-verbal) and including stakeholders in the decision-making are the key ingredients that affect this. If people can be given and empowered to use tools/techniques, or reminded of the skills they have, we can help patients get closer to healthier outcomes.


Masters in Social Work with concentration in Policy, Planning, Administration, and Community Development from Arizona State University
Graduate Certification in Gerontology from Arizona State University
UCSF Health Coaching and Panel Management Program
Faculty Trainer of the Institute for Healthcare Communication
Motivational Interviewing Trainer

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