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Workforce Development- South Bay Area Health Education Center (South Bay AHEC)

The South Bay Area Health Education Center, (South Bay AHEC) is one of eleven centers serving the state of California as part of a national approach to bring together community and academic interest to improve access to primary health care services and decrease health disparities.

To address the growing demand for diverse health care workers in Santa Clara County by providing opportunities to training and professional development opportunities for medical students and residents to learn about community health centers and population health.


Health Professionals Development

South Bay AHEC provides faculty trainers, equipment, evaluation tools, and continuing education credits to local healthcare providers on a variety of professional development topics. Presentations can be customized to relate to specific provider audiences, local events and epidemiology, and specific public health emergencies. Continuing Education Units (CEUs for Dentists and Nurses) are provided (1.0 credit per 1 hour training) for Community Health Partnership-sponsored trainings.

Healthy Futures Pipeline Program

By empowering under-represented minority healthcare workers and preparing health science and medical students to work in community health environments, Healthy Futures expands the pipeline for a diverse health workforce in order to ensure that all residents of Santa Clara County receive excellent and effective care. The program has almost 20 years of successful experience providing professional development opportunities to the next generation of diverse local healthcare professionals to encourage them to begin preparing for their careers as early as middle school through graduate-level education.

South Bay Area Health Education Center Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a 7 week program for undergraduate college students interested in pursuing a health related career.  The goal of the Leadership Institute is to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the field of health care in Santa Clara County.  During the Institute, students will participate in workshops, lectures, field trips, projects and training. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with health professionals.

Objectives of the Leadership Institute include:

  • Learning strategies for reducing health disparities in Santa Clara County

  • Increasing knowledge of practical skills necessary for professional work situations

  • Developing a health project that identifies a priority population, health topic and additional resources.

Criteria for Participation:

  • Candidates must have an interest in learning about health careers

  • Candidates must be undergraduate students enrolled in a college or university

  • Candidates must be able to attend ALL Institute sessions