Career Opportunity - Clinical Coordinator, EWC



The Clinical Coordinator is responsible for the coordination, implementation, and evaluation of EWC provider relations and patient services activities. The Clinical Coordinator promotes and administers the EWC program to primary care providers (PCPs), referred to as the Provider Network. The Clinical Coordinator manages the Provider Network, optimizing quality assurance and professional education and training to the Provider Network.


  • Meet the clinical quality assurance service objectives of the EWC program.
  • Maintain and build a Provider Network within Region 7.
  • Assess Provider Network to maintain patient access to services.
  • Conduct training, site reviews and visits among Provider Network utilizing EWC standardized toolkits.
  • Provide technical assistance to Provider Network and patient navigation to EWC eligible/enrolled patients by utilizing in-depth knowledge of all clinical program components and manuals to ensure compliance with EWC policies and procedures.
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