Education as Advocacy on National Health Center Week

Friday, July 22, 2011

National Health Center Week   (August 7-13) is just around the corner!  We have a number of events lined up, and if you’ve ever organized a public event, you can probably imagine that it’s a busy time!  However, I’m pretty excited about how Community Health Partnership is using National Health Center Week as a springboard to raise awareness of our clinics and current health care issues.  I hope you’ll join us. ..

Welcome to our new blog!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Greetings!  It’s my pleasure to come to you with Community Health Partnership’s first blog entry.  Through this blog, we’ll be providing the latest in “Partnership” updates, and bringing you stories from our network of member community health centers and clinics in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.  In addition to these “news-y” features, we would like this blog to be a space for us (including you, the reader) to explore and discuss the many issues that come up when one believes that “health care is a right, not a privilege.”  Some of these issues include Health Care Reform  cultural and linguistic appropriateness in health care settings, Medi-Cal and Medicare. ..