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Community Health Partnership is a consortium of non-profit community health centers based in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Community Health Partnership’s mission is to advocate for affordable and accessible health services for our diverse and multicultural communities regardless of socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, or cultural background, and to support our member organizations in achieving these goals.

Welcome from our CEO

Dolores Alvarado, Community Health Partnership CEO

Welcome to Community Health Partnership’s website! Here, you will find information about our efforts towards improving health care access for our communities through our member health centers and clinics. These health centers and clinics are integral to our region’s health care safety net, as they provide culturally and linguistically appropriate health care to all, regardless of income or health coverage status.

Since stepping into the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2011, the Community Health Partnership has returned to its roots as a policy advocacy organization with a clear mission: to advocate for affordable, accessible health services for our region’s diverse communities, and assist our health centers and clinics in achieving these goals.

Hand in hand with our clinic membership, we are leveraging opportunities from the Affordable Care Act to expand health care access and streamline the continuity of care our patients receive. To this end, our priorities have included:

  • •Educating and facilitating enrollment into the Low Income Health Program 
  • •Assisting our health centers with moving towards Patient Centered Health Home recognition
  • •Advocating for a regional integrated system of health care
  • •Educating key decision makers about our integral role in the delivery of healthcare to the safety net population through a medical home

This year, the scope of our work will grow as we implement Health Care Reform and adopt new, innovative strategies that will provide and improve health care access for more people. To meet these goals, we are moving full force into the area of data analytics to measure health outcomes. In order to rein in the growing costs of health care, we are exploring various payment reform models that reward improvements in population health and patient satisfaction. These new pursuits build upon our past two years of work preparing for 2014. I am confident that our community health centers and clinics will continue to be leaders in this current era and beyond.

Consistent with all great endeavors, our work requires collaboration and support. We are thankful to our funders and key partners such as the County of Santa Clara, the California Primary Care Association (CPCA), and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) who share our vision for an integrated health care delivery system that is affordable and accessible to all communities.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking time to learn more about Community Health Partnership and our network of member health centers and clinics. It is a pleasure to welcome you here.

Dolores Alvarado, MPH, MSW
Chief Executive Officer



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